前段时间在一个直播项目中遇到一个直播流在pc,android均可以正常播放,但是在ios上无法播放的问题;检查过后发现并不是数据生成的异常导致的,最后怀疑可能是数据流本身的编解码参数有错误。通过ffmeg拉流解析发现,video的profile为h264 high 4:2:2,而ios设备目前并不支持profile高于high级别高于4.1的视频的解码。

File format for the file segmenter can be a QuickTime movie, MPEG-4 video, or MP3 audio, using the specified encoding.

Stream format for the stream segmenter must be MPEG elementary audio and video streams, wrapped in an MPEG-2 transport stream, and using the following encoding. The Audio Technologies and Video Technologies list supported compression formats.

  • Encode video using H.264 compression

    • H.264 Baseline 3.0: All devices
    • H.264 Baseline 3.1: iPhone 3G and later, and iPod touch 2nd generation and later.
    • H.264 Main profile 3.1: iPad (all versions), Apple TV 2 and later, and iPhone 4 and later.
    • H.264 Main Profile 4.0: Apple TV 3 and later, iPad 2 and later, and iPhone 4S and later
    • H.264 High Profile 4.0: Apple TV 3 and later, iPad 2 and later, and iPhone 4S and later.
    • H.264 High Profile 4.1: iPad 2 and later and iPhone 4S and later.
  • A frame rate of 10 fps is recommended for video streams under 200 kbps. For video streams under 300 kbps, a frame rate of 12 to 15 fps is recommended. For all other streams, a frame rate of 29.97 is recommended.

  • Encode audio as either of the following:

    • HE-AAC or AAC-LC, stereo
    • MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3), stereo


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